Classic Guitar Rock

Classic Guitar Rock

18 Themes / 18 Tracks

99.00 USD

Classic Guitar Rock (SM277) features 18 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. 

Get into the guitar groove with this solid collection of expressive, soulful, liberated, brooding, persuasive, deliberate and authoritative rock themes.

Featured instruments include electric guitar, piano, bass and percussion.

The Classic Guitar Rock track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Purchasing & Downloading

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Free to be Loud
Sauntering, Boastful
2:31 $29.95
Listen Carefully
Persuasive, Expressive
3:28 $29.95
Free as the Wind
Open, Released
2:56 $29.95
Rubber Meets the Road
Positive, Unrestricted
3:22 $29.95
In the Hollow of My Hand
Soulful, Solid
3:27 $29.95
Puzzle Pieces
Certain, Authoritative
2:54 $29.95
Savage, Jarring
2:44 $29.95
Cast a Shadow
Brooding, Forceful
3:10 $29.95
Tarnished Dreams
Regretful, Unfulfilled
2:52 $29.95
Moaning, Unsatisfied
3:00 $29.95
Caught in a Trap
Depressed, Unresolved
2:54 $29.95
Steady as She Goes
Deliberate, Unchanging
3:00 $29.95
Narrow Focus
Controlled, Unyielding
2:58 $29.95
No Strings Attached
Liberated, Unconstrained
2:40 $29.95
Cold Sober Night
Somber, Yearning
3:32 $29.95
Conveyor Belt
Persistent, Mechanical
2:57 $29.95
Ask Your Question
Serious, Building
3:04 $29.95
Faithful Friends
Resigned, Solemn
3:32 $29.95