Classical Overtones

Classical Overtones

12 Themes / 12 Tracks

99.00 USD

Classical Overtones (SM083) touches on the tender, melodramatic, aggressive, playful and optimistic sides of classical music.

This CD features a variety of composers including Guiseppe Verdi, Antonin Dvorak, Edvard Grieg, Charles Gounod, Ludwig von Beethoven, Claude Debussy, C.W. Gluck, J.S. Strauss and J.S. Bach - and includes some of their most popular orchestrations, such as: Afternoon of the Faun, The Emperor Waltz and excerpts from Faust.

The Classical Overtones track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
La Traviata, Preludio Act.4
Solemn, Mournful
3:38 $29.95
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Wistful, Poignant
2:16 $29.95
Last Spring
Entreating, Longing
6:03 $29.95
Faust, Allegretto
Impatient, Turbulent
1:30 $29.95
Faust, Moderato
Momentous, Careful
2:03 $29.95
Symphony No. 6, Movement 3
Teasing, Commanding
5:02 $29.95
Afternoon of the Faun
Innocent, Pastoral
10:57 $29.95
Dance of Blessed Spirits
Leisurely, Soothing
7:26 $29.95
Pizzicato Polka
Lighthearted, Playful
2:45 $29.95
Harpsichord Invention No.1
Effortless, Meandering
1:17 $29.95
Emperor Waltz
Stately, Swelling
11:55 $29.95
Symphony No. 6, Movement 5
Harmonious, Lilting
9:29 $29.95