Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports

22 Themes / 22 Tracks

99.00 USD

Competitive Sports (SM254) features 22 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. 

This positive, driving and ambitious CD offers energetic, running, determined and courageous music that is equally suited for corporate, news and sports applications. Competitive Sports contains tracks with a solid mixture of moods and styles - gritty, resolute, tense, commanding, daring, surging, robust, uplifting and self assured. 

Featured instruments include electric guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, bass and orchestra.

The Competitive Sports track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Physical Power
Strutting, Gritty, In Charge
1:45 $29.95
Race to Come First
Driving, Energetic, Progressive
3:18 $29.95
Building a Reputation
Tense, Steady, Strategic
3:52 $29.95
Sweat for Gold
Punchy, Focused, Demanding
2:43 $29.95
Speed of Light
Agitated, Forceful, Rugged
3:35 $29.95
Power Hungry
Emphatic, Resolute, Solid
4:00 $29.95
Steady Nerves
Strong, Surging, Heroic
2:46 $29.95
Beat You to the Punch
Moody, Tumbling, Running
2:17 $29.95
Major Drum Line
Percussive, Marching, Powerful
2:11 $29.95
Slalom Run
Pulsing, Brisk, Daring
1:41 $29.95
Controlled Effort
Authoritative, Purposeful, Commanding
1:51 $29.95
Command Respect
Freewheeling, In the Passing Lane
3:18 $29.95
Pick Up the Pace
Active, Spirited, Counterpointed
4:10 $29.95
Dark Horse Pulls Ahead
Upbeat, Capable, Positive
2:13 $29.95
Second Chances
Rising, Reaching, Dazzling
2:15 $29.95
Reflected Glory
Self Assured, Resourceful, Moving
2:00 $29.95
Fame Is What You Make It
Building, Important, Dignified
1:23 $29.95
Dedicated Effort
Uplifting, Stirring, Impressive
3:07 $29.95
Invest in Yourself
Successful, Proven, Expansive
3:35 $29.95
Team Player
Deliberate, Motivated, Fresh
1:39 $29.95
Talent and Effort
Panoramic, Dramatic, Full
3:30 $29.95
Do Your Best
Robust, Courageous, Certain
2:29 $29.95