Hybrid Rock

Hybrid Rock

24 Themes / 24 Tracks

99.00 USD

Hybrid Rock (SM262) features 24 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. 

Hybrid Rock offers a moving selection of edgy electric guitar rock, extreme sports, rock blues and solo electric guitar country romance - something for everyone. The themes range from a strutting, deliberate and confident mood, to sensitive, delicate and poignant emotions. 

Featured instruments include electric guitar, percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, bass and organ instrumentation.

The Hybrid Rock track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Purchasing & Downloading

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Cutting Loose
Rebellious, Resounding, At High Speed
1:54 $29.95
Don't Stand in My Way
Strutting, Deliberate, Confident
2:02 $29.95
Up Against It
Wailing, Turbulent, Throbbing
2:00 $29.95
Grind It to Powder
Punchy, Hard Edged, Stripped
2:08 $29.95
Dare Me Again
Assertive, Kicking, Rowdy
2:04 $29.95
Plugged In
Fierce, Raucous, Explosive
1:29 $29.95
Are You Up for It
Boisterous, Independent, Rugged
1:24 $29.95
Guessing Game
Driving, Fast, Rough
1:45 $29.95
Dash and Clash
Dangerous, Relentless, Clashing
1:14 $24.95
Wicked Ways
Demanding, Confrontational, Pursuing
1:36 $29.95
Split Screen
Thrashing, Screeching, Hectic
1:17 $29.95
Viper's Breath
Foreboding, Dark, Grinding
1:32 $29.95
Metal Death
Frenzied, Unravelling, Ominous
2:20 $29.95
Stripping the Gears
Pounding, Tormented, Savage
1:16 $29.95
Almost Mended
Pleading, Muted, Lonely
2:41 $29.95
Floating Downstream
Thoughtful, Sentimental, Caressing
3:02 $29.95
Breathe Softly
Drifting, Hushed, Sighing
1:28 $29.95
Will You Remember Me
Sensual, Peaceful, Introspective
2:36 $29.95
Basically Love
Relaxed, Contented, Serene
2:04 $29.95
Jogging By
Gentle, Reflective, Steady
2:26 $29.95
Had We Only Known
Sensitive, Delicate, Poignant
1:40 $29.95
Opening Doors
Agile, Spirited, Percolating
1:48 $29.95
Ready for Anything
Mellow, Swaying, Easygoing
2:42 $29.95
Get Set
Challenging, Emphatic, Charged
1:53 $29.95