Mellow & Relaxing Guitar

Mellow & Relaxing Guitar

20 Themes / 20 Tracks

99.00 USD

Mellow and Relaxing Guitars (SM304) offers 20 full length themes of tender, tranquil, nostalgic and innocent guitar music, designed for quiet reflection with a warm emotional touch.

Featured instruments include acoustic guitar, flute, keyboards and acoustic bass.

The Mellow & Relaxing Guitar track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Purchasing & Downloading

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Chasing Butterflies
Rolling, Delicate, Sunny
3:33 $29.95
Heart's Duet
Intricate, Dancing, Tender
4:03 $29.95
Stroll With You
Effortless, Contented, Friendly
3:25 $29.95
A Little Love Song
Easygoing, Serene, Charming
3:38 $29.95
Until the Roses Bloom
Flowing, Enchanting, Dreamy
3:20 $29.95
End of a Perfect Day
Laid Back, Sentimental, Mellow
3:43 $29.95
Moments Like These
Wandering, Leisurely, Peaceful
4:00 $29.95
Sweet, Sensitive, Graceful
4:03 $29.95
Sparkling, Cheerful, Serene
4:17 $29.95
Sad to See You Go
Introspective, Poignant, Yearning
4:22 $29.95
Wistful Thinking
Rippling, Questioning, Wandering
4:00 $29.95
Overwhelming Sadness
Hushed, Bittersweet, Lyric
4:14 $29.95
Caressing, Enveloping, Pensive
3:33 $29.95
Gentle Embrace
Calm, Comforting, Warm
4:21 $29.95
Lasting Embers
Caring, Inclusive, Dappled
3:53 $29.95
The Last Goodbye
Heartfelt, Regretful, Longing
4:02 $29.95
I'll Only Dance With You
Sensuous, Melting, Intimate
3:33 $29.95
Fading Memories
Alluring, Sultry, Emotive
3:32 $29.95
Not Much
Carefree, Unruffled, Pastoral
4:23 $29.95
Have a Seat
Strolling, Kitschy, Gentle
4:07 $29.95