Percussive Dance Music

Percussive Dance Music

24 Themes / 24 Tracks

99.00 USD

Percussive Dance Music (SM267) features 24 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications.

Percussive Dance Music features a variety of dance, jazz, blues and sports beats, all infused with infectious, bold, devious or mysterious overtones.

This CD offers a great variety: everything from hip, funky and punctuated to ethereal, enigmatic and mystic, not to mention dangerous, taut and menacing.

Featured instruments include keyboards, percussion, bass and electric guitar.

The Percussive Dance Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Purchasing & Downloading

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Breakin' Up
Hip, Funky, Punctuated
1:41 $29.95
Percussion Discussion
Active, Punchy, Quirky
2:15 $29.95
Crib City Groove
Ethereal, Enigmatic, Mystic
2:15 $29.95
Constant, Industrial, Chill
1:42 $29.95
Closer to You
Sultry, Effortless, Sauntering
3:37 $29.95
Rave Hollow
Steady, Pulsing, Compelling
2:27 $29.95
I Got It Made
Oppressive, Confrontational, Discordant
1:00 $24.95
Ego Swipe
Dangerous, Taut, Menacing
2:38 $29.95
Intimidating Presence
Troubled, Taunting, Tough
2:43 $29.95
Don?t Sweat It
Edgy Gangster Groove
2:07 $29.95
Bleak Beat
Dark, Daunting, Foreboding
3:49 $29.95
Take It In Stride
Flirtatious, Silly, Giggling
4:02 $29.95
Show Us What You Got
Saucy, Spunky, Toe Tapping
1:52 $29.95
Power Stroll
Strutting, Slick, Cool
2:15 $29.95
Do It in Four
Boastful, Challenging, Relentless
3:26 $29.95
Cool It Down
Uncertain, Inevitable, Obsessive
2:58 $29.95
Walk the Walk
Ominous, Haunting, Murky
1:59 $29.95
Sneak Up Behind
Hypnotic, Dangerous, Disturbed
2:41 $29.95
Ramp It Up
Taut, Treacherous, Jarring
3:18 $29.95
Blues in the Hood
Smooth, Self Assured, Jazzy
2:19 $29.95
Fight or Flight
Sinister, Chilling, Creepy
2:13 $29.95
Lose Lose Situation
Devious, Stalking, Pursuing
2:21 $29.95
Answer Me Back
Deliberate, Swaggering, Muscular
2:59 $29.95
Strut Large
Prowling, Lurking, Scornful
3:01 $29.95