Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music

Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music

24 Themes / 24 Tracks

99.00 USD

Snappy and Smooth Jazz Music (SM245) features 24 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications.

Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music is moving - to latin beats, big band jazz, the blues, rock and roll, and romance. This infectious blend of jazz and blues will keep you rocking, bopping, dancing and singing all night long.

Featured instruments include horns, piano, saxophone, organ, electric guitar, trumpet, acoustic bass, flute, percussion, vibes, jazz band and big band.

The Snappy & Smooth Jazz Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Purchasing & Downloading

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Big Funky Band
Driving, Ecstatic, Jubilant
2:04 $29.95
Detective Story
Emphatic, Infectious, Lively
1:20 $29.95
Starlight's Not Enough
Graceful, Smooth, Elegant
2:44 $29.95
Feel the Music Within
Dancing, Vibrant, Irresistible
3:12 $29.95
Shout It Out
Exhilarating, Building, Toe Tapping
3:06 $29.95
Will You Be There When He Comes
Triumphant, Uplifting, Gospel
3:01 $29.95
In the Middle of the Night
Sensuous, Seductive, Serene
2:31 $29.95
Hold On to the Beat
Tumbling, Accented, Intricate
1:26 $29.95
Happy Go Lucky
Sparkling, Inviting, Animated
1:13 $24.95
Sauntering Past
Floating, Refined, Fluid
2:04 $29.95
With You in My Arms
Suave, Wafting, Charming
2:03 $29.95
Floating Across the Floor
Buoyant, Shimmering, Lyric
3:26 $29.95
Universal Truth
Poignant, Sentimental, Muted
1:19 $29.95
All My Love
Sultry, Mellow, Intimate
1:44 $29.95
Walkin' the Dog
Unrestrained, Punctuated, Spirited
:54 $24.95
She Done Me Wrong
Swaggering, Expressive, Shameless
2:02 $29.95
Singular Soul
Strolling, Emphatic, Funky
2:15 $29.95
Still Closer
Self Assured, Insistent, Strutting
2:44 $29.95
Clear Out
Soulful, Solid, Assertive
2:45 $29.95
More than Smooth
Saucy, Flirtatious, Snappy
3:17 $29.95
Stop Denying Love
Earthy, Sexy, Liberated
2:44 $29.95
Out and About
Hip, Sauntering, Exuberant
2:39 $29.95
Teach Me to Dance
Effortless, Beckoning, Melting
3:45 $29.95
Alone with You
Soothing, Sensitive, Sighing
3:31 $29.95