The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens

20 Themes / 20 Tracks

99.00 USD

The Plot Thickens (SM078) is a CD which will take you from unspecified threat through action and adventure to military strategy. The 20 full length compositions provide a variety of orchestration - from full orchestra to haunting strings, solo piano spookiness and well placed FX to put the shiver down your spine.

Thrills and adventure, tragedy and melodrama - the hero is trembling and apprehensive while the villain is wicked and prowling.

The The Plot Thickens track list provides composer & publisher information for each music track on the CD.

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Listen to Separate Tracks
Title / Description Time Price
Defeat of Evil
Triumphant, Commanding, Invincible
3:17 $29.95
Dangerous Enemies
Fearful, Troubled, Uneasy
3:18 $29.95
All Is Lost
Building, Climactic, Persistent
3:21 $29.95
The Stairs to the Basement
Trembling, Clandestine, Taut
2:58 $29.95
Deep Dark Fear
Desperate, Foreboding, Sinister
3:05 $29.95
One Shaft of Light
Tormented, Hesitant, Dramatic
3:24 $29.95
One Way Out
Dangerous, Relentless, Courageous
3:24 $29.95
Overpowering Evil
Discordant, Wicked, Ominous
2:47 $29.95
Blood on the Walls
Oppressive, Suspenseful, Cold
3:33 $29.95
Everlasting Torment
Strange, Unsettled, Hopeless
3:36 $29.95
To the Last Man
Purposeful, Commanding, Heroic
2:33 $29.95
The Face of Courage
Resounding, Inspirational, Momentous
3:33 $29.95
Wicked World
Sneaky, Uncertain, Elusive
3:25 $29.95
Escape from the Pit
Sinister, Treacherous, Chilling
3:24 $29.95
Surrounded by the Enemy
Prowling, Stormy, Looming
3:35 $29.95
Vague Threats
Unsettled, Apprehensive, Searching
3:08 $29.95
Loss and Regret
Haunting, Regretful, Solemn
3:14 $29.95
Whatever It Takes
Yearning, Lamenting, Sighing
3:26 $29.95
Keeping You in My Prayers
Calm, Reverent, Comforting
3:19 $29.95
Building Horror Stab
Impending, Warning
:08 $14.95