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  • Sports


    Sports Music for Action, Competition & Victory

  • World Music

    World Music

    Music from the 4 Corners of the Globe

  • Wedding


    Wedding Music for Ceremonies and Videos

  • News


    Broadcast News Music, Openers, Themes & Logos

  • Easy Listening

    Easy Listening

    Casual & Relaxing Music for Mellow Times

  • Corporate


    Corporate Music for Inspiration and Motivation

  • Rock


    Soft, Pop and Solid Rock Music

  • Adventure Music

    Adventure Music

    Blockbuster Music for Epic Adventures

  • Drama & Film Scores

    Drama & Film Scores

    Adventurous & Dramatic Music for Film & TV Scores

  • Suspense Music

    Suspense Music

    Mayhem, Horror and Rising Tension

  • Xtreme Rock

    Xtreme Rock

    Heavy Metal and Edgy, Aggressive Alternative Rock

  • Dance & Club

    Dance & Club

    Active and Vibrant Dance Club Music

  • Comedy & Cartoon

    Comedy & Cartoon

    Funny, Wacky and Off-Beat Comic Music

  • Country


    Country Music from Swaggering to Regret

  • Patriotic & Military

    Patriotic & Military

    Inspiring Patriotic Marches & Military Themes

  • Classic TV & Film Music

    Classic TV & Film Music

    The Golden Age of Television & the Early Days of Film

  • Period Jazz

    Period Jazz

    Jazz with a History

  • Retro Rock

    Retro Rock

    Rockin' it from the 50s to the 80s

  • Worship


    Respectful, Traditional Religious Music

  • Holidays & Christmas

    Holidays & Christmas

    Spreading the Holiday Mood with Christmas Spirit

  • New Age

    New Age

    Tranquil & Serene New Age Music & Drones

  • Jazz


    Jazz Music - Cool, Steamy and Jazzy

  • Latin Music

    Latin Music

    Spicy Latin Rhythms

  • Blues


    Funky, Soulful & Cool Blues Music

  • Romantic


    Music to set the mood - Intimate & Romantic

  • Children


    Innocent, Child-like & Playful Music

  • Classical


    Inspirational, Dramatic, Orchestrated Music

  • Solo Instrument

    Solo Instrument

    Solos and Duets in Various Styles

  • Production Elements

    Production Elements

    Intros, Promos, Transitions & Attention Grabbers

  • Sound Effects

    Sound Effects

    Thousands & Thousands of Sounds 20 Categories

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What Am I Licensed to Do?

You have the right to synchronize your StockMusic.com purchases (royalty free music, sound effects & production elements) with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as:

  • * film, video & TV productions wedding videos & tribute videos
  • * training, marketing & trade show presentations
  • * corporate videos & educational applications
  • * radio & television presentations or commercials
  • * music recordings & live performances
  • * Web pages, multimedia presentations & podcasts
  • * PowerPoint & Flash productions
  • * interactive programs & computer games
  • * AV & computer generated displays