This page provides answers to some of your frequently asked questions about this Web site, the products offered by, and how to use them. There are two sections to this page: Licensing & Copyright, and Purchases & Downloads.


Yes. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. This is our Most Asked Question:


Click on the white shopping cart icon in the black upper navigation bar. The short menu includes the Login link.

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1. You need to be logged in to your account to download (click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner and select Login).
2. Once you are logged in, head to your Personal Page by click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner and select the Personal Page link.
3. Use the download links on the Personal Page to retrieve your purchases. (WAV for 16/44.1 wav file versions and MP3 for mp3 320 version.) And yes, you can download both without any extra charge.

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Click on the Lost Password link in the login screen. Alternatively, click on the Site Map link in the footer and select the Lost Password Replacement link and follow the instructions.

Or you can contact us through "" and we can change your password for you.

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Searching for Sounds

How to Buy

Licensing & Copyright

1.1  What kinds of applications can I use your music, sound effects & production elements in?
All audio files can be synchronized for use in a wide variety of audio and audio visual productions. Examples include radio and television broadcasts, commercials and jingles, motion picture and video scores and soundtracks, corporate & training presentations, Web sites, computer games, software applications and multimedia.

For more information, please see the End User License Agreement.

1.2  When I buy a piece of music, a sound effect or a production element, do I have right to use it as many times as I like, and for as long as I like?
Yes. As long as you synchronize our audio within your production, there are no limits to the number of times you may use our music, the number of productions that you create, the number of copies of the production that you make, or where in the world you distribute the production. And, all our sound effects, stingers & elements are royalty free too!

1.3  Can I use your music, sound effects or production elements in a production I make for a client? Is my client covered under your license agreement?
Yes. If you make a production for a client, the rights and limitations to's synchronized audio content (as outlined in our End User License Agreement) are in effect for the life of the production, and they pass automatically to the end user of the production (your client).

1.4  Do the music, sound effects or production elements that I buy from you belong to me?
No. When you make a purchase at, you are purchasing a synchronization license for use of our music, not the copyright to the music itself. retains all copyright in its music, sound effects and production elements.

For more information, please see the End User License Agreement.

Purchases & Downloads

2.1  How do I set up an account at your Web site?
Click on the white shopping cart button in the top black band and select Register from the list. You do not need to provide credit card or other payment information to register with us. At the Member Registration page, read and agree to our End User License Agreement, check the box if you want to receive email announcements from us and fill in the blanks before you hit SEND. We will send you an email with your username and password.

2.2  How do I change my password?
Sign in to the Web site with your old password click on the white shopping cart in the top black band to access the Personal Page link. The Change Password option is on your Personal Page.

2.3  My email address has changed. Can I keep the same account with all of my previous order history intact and have it associated with my new email address?
Yes. Contact us by email and we can change the email address that is associated with your already existing account.

2.4  What audio file formats do you offer?
All of our audio files (music tracks, sound effects and production elements) can be purchased as 16 bit / 44.1 kHz Broadcast wav files, or as 320 kbit mp3 files. Your purchase of a track allows you to download either or both formats, as many times as you wish.

2.5  Will I get a printed invoice and license when I purchase your music?
No, but you can print a receipt by using a link on our Thank You! page immediately after you have purchased.

2.6  If the music I have purchased is not suitable, can I return it for a refund?
No. All transactions conducted at are considered final sales. Please make your license purchasing decisions carefully, because once you have obtained download access to any of our digital tracks, we are unable to cancel your license or issue a refund for your purchase.

Youtube Content Notices

YouTube has identified some content in your video that belongs to someone else – in this case, it is that music belongs to us. participates in the Content ID program which monitors all uploads to Youtube and similar online sites and searches for audio content that matches its catalog.

The Content ID technology exists so that: (a) music publishers can identify videos that include their music, (b) YouTube can generate revenue by placing ads on those identified videos, (c) Youtube can share that ad revenue with Content ID partners like and its composers; and (d) YouTube can use this ad revenue stream so it can continue to provide its video sharing site for free.

You may have received this copyright violation notice from The Orchard. They work with us and many other composers and publishers to monitor music use online. While you own your video, you do not own our music.

If you licensed the music from for this use, contact us by email. We will confirm your license and start the process to have the notice removed from your video. In your email, please make sure to give us the URL for your video, relevant information about your license and the best way to contact you.

Claim Disputes:

But my video does not contain your music!
Our music is available from many online sources. You may have acquired and used our music without knowing it. The good news is that your video should not be taken down because of a claim in relation to content.

However, if you believe that the YouTube Content ID system has misidentified the music in your video or that you own the identified music content – you should dispute the claim. It will be reviewed quite quickly. Once we receive notice from YouTube, we will review your claim. If your video does not contain music owned by, we will release the claim.

But I don't want advertising in or next to my video!
This advertising is the way that YouTube generates revenue to pay for its service. Supporting the Content ID system helps keep YouTube free for everyone. If you properly licensed a track from, and you have concerns about the advertising next to your video, please contact us by email with the URL for your video, relevant information about your license and the best way to contact you. We will confirm your license and start the process to have the notice removed from your video.

Here's More on YouTube Copyright Issues, straight from YouTube. For access to the links mentioned, watch the video at YouTube: