What is Stock Music?
Stock Music, also commonly known as Production Music, is a less expensive alternative to the use of popular or well known music in a production, since it is not necessary to obtain specific permission or pay additional clearance fees for the use of a song that has instant recognition.

Stock Music provides an easily licensed alternative for scoring productions and adding music to films, videos, radio or televisions programs and commercials, CD-ROMs, DVDs, multimedia, Web sites, training and marketing presentations, on hold messages, musical recordings, interactive programs, computer games, audio-visual or computer generated displays and programs or presentations that incorporate streaming audio.

Most Stock Music Libraries provide various music licensing options that are designed to meet the needs of large and small production companies alike, working in both the broadcast and non-broadcast industries.

Stock Music is generally placed in the background, behind the dialog or voiceover, where it can set the mood, provide a suitable backdrop for a message, promote the product, activity or event being featured, identify the location of the scene or highlight the plot’s action.

Stock Music is offered in a wide variety of both period and modern genres, styles, moods and tempos - everything from classical orchestrations to animated cartoon compositions.

Stock Music compositions are often provided in several different versions or lengths: a full length version, an underscore or rhythm track version (for more subtle use under voiceovers), and a number of different broadcast lengths (60 seconds, 30 seconds and 5 to 15 second stingers). The broadcast versions are produced to eliminate the need for the user to create his own edits for specific kinds of production applications (like commercial spots).

If the Stock Music is used in a broadcast or public performance production, its composers and publishers are also entitled to receive performing royalties from performing rights societies like ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS and APRA.