Celtic Whispers

Celtic Whispers

23 Themes / 23 Tracks

99.00 USD

Celtic Whispers (SM018) features 23 full length royalty free world music melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. Featured instruments include acoustic guitar, cello, mandolin, Irish bagpipes, dulcimer, recorder, harp, flute, bodhran and violin.

This selection of graceful, expressive and enchanting traditional Celtic themes offers music that is affectionate, innocent, nostalgic, tender and tranquil.

The Celtic Whispers track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
A Beggin' I Will Go
Gentle, Reminiscing, Haunting
3:09 $29.95
Morning Light
Calm, Heartfelt, Deliberate
3:12 $29.95
Long a Growing
Wistful, Delicate, Expressive
3:52 $29.95
Torn Apart
Bittersweet, Poignant, Lamenting
3:20 $29.95
Mist Covered Mountains
Quiet, Reflective, Serene
4:45 $29.95
Calling My Name
Intricate, Mystical, Emotional
3:02 $29.95
Skye Boat Song
Graceful, Lilting, Heartbroken
2:59 $29.95
The Cuckoo
Nimble, Thoughtful, Sensitive
3:28 $29.95
Snowflakes Dance
Fanciful, Lyric, Enchanting
4:18 $29.95
Autumn Leaves
Introspective, Sentimental, Yearning
2:17 $29.95
Carolans Welcome
Beckoning, Flowing, Warm
3:18 $29.95
Morrisons Jig
Tripping, Agile, Dancing
3:39 $29.95
Rights of Man
Effortless, Sparkling, Sprightly
2:48 $29.95
Roxborough Castle
Cheerful, Skipping, Bright
2:50 $29.95
Royal Forester
Carefree, Spontaneous, Charming
3:13 $29.95
When I Was on Horseback
Muted, Plaintive, Soft
3:31 $29.95
Winter Solstice
Complex, Rhythmic, Wafting
3:26 $29.95
Lady of the Lake
Airy, Enticing, Lovely
3:47 $29.95
Petticoats Loose
Bouncy, Energetic, Freewheeling
3:32 $29.95
Nomad's Dance
Swirling, Fluid, Lively
4:12 $29.95
Chasing the Sunset
Drifting, Daydreaming, Longing
2:51 $29.95
My Song for You
Floating, Easygoing, Contented
3:22 $29.95
Wandering Soul
Rippling, Enigmatic, Counterpointed
3:37 $29.95