Cinematic Music

Cinematic Music

21 Themes / 21 Tracks

99.00 USD

Cinematic Music (SM253) features 21 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications.

Cinematic Music offers a broad spectrum of dramatic music, suitable for a wide variety of film score applications: adventure, ceremony, fantasy, melodrama, mystery, suspense, thriller, exploration, discovery and documentary.

Most of these themes feature full orchestral instrumentation, with a smattering of piano, cello and keyboard features as well.

The Cinematic Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Facing Danger
Apprehensive, Foreboding, Uncertain
2:11 $29.95
Time Is Running Out
Unsettled, Taut, Searching
1:16 $29.95
Endless Possibilities
Reflective, Bittersweet, Resigned
1:03 $24.95
Wake Up Call
Inviting, Enveloping, Warm
:48 $19.95
As It Should Be
Serene, Charming, Polished
:57 $24.95
Bittersweet Memories
Regretful, Hushed, Tearful
1:26 $29.95
Espionage Intrigue
Introspective, Exotic, Unresolved
1:09 $24.95
Gentle Setting
Airy, Liquid, Tranquil
2:15 $29.95
Epic Performance
Grand, Sighing, Lamenting
1:50 $29.95
Drugged and Dazed
Ominous, Hypnotic, Ethereal
2:41 $29.95
It's Over
Stately, Formal, Ceremonial
1:48 $29.95
Can't Sit Still
Jumbled, Turbulent, Unravelling
2:11 $29.95
Carried By the Breeze
Fluttering, Delicate, Fanciful
:25 $19.95
Daily Progress
Percolating, Enchanting, Lifting
1:34 $29.95
Connecting Ideas
Established, Prosperous, Sustained
2:51 $29.95
Hide for Your Life
Elusive, Drifting, Veiled
2:05 $29.95
I Will Wait for You
Halting, Devoted, Plaintive
2:19 $29.95
Better Days to Come
Thoughtful, Emotional, Hopeful
2:28 $29.95
Great People to Meet
Unsettled, Solemn, Moody
1:30 $29.95
Perfect Life
Sentimental, Reflective, Heartfelt
3:19 $29.95
Now I Know
Regal, Elegant, Inclusive
2:28 $29.95