Drama & Romance

Drama & Romance

24 Themes / 25 Tracks

99.00 USD

Drama and Romance (SM107) - Solo piano compositions that provide the bittersweet, heartbroken mood of love lost and the tender, wistful feeling of new found love.

This CD provides easy listening, romantic music with some compositions that wander into the dramatic side of human affairs. There is a heavy presence of melodrama, sometimes veering toward tragedy and sometimes toward tranquility.

The Drama & Romance track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
It Might Be Today
Anticipating. Uncertain
1:16 $29.95
Voice in the Wind
Searching, Reaching
1:53 $29.95
Such Sorrow
Sighing, Alone
2:01 $29.95
Vanishing Sanity
Apprehensive, Suspicious
2:04 $29.95
Shattered Mind
Creepy, Dangerous
2:16 $29.95
There Once Was Love
Regretful, Apologetic
2:50 $29.95
Light and Shadows
Thoughtful, Sweet
2:28 $29.95
Mending a Broken Heart
Comforting, Warm
3:01 $29.95
Mending a Broken Heart - Alt Mix
Comforting, Warm
2:58 $29.95
Haunted Melody
Bittersweet, Reflective
2:08 $29.95
Move into the Light
Hopeful, Subdued
2:19 $29.95
Dangerous Place
Uneasy, Troubled
2:35 $29.95
Letting Go of Love
Heartbroken, Sad
2:49 $29.95
Reflecting on Life
Nostalgic, Content
1:57 $29.95
Coming to an End
Sentimental, Solemn
2:46 $29.95
I See It in Your Eyes
Contemplative, Unwinding
1:25 $29.95
Sweet Caress
Flowing, Melodious
2:15 $29.95
Quiet Lullaby
Tender, Careful
2:26 $29.95
Under the Waterfall
Rippling, Tranquil
2:19 $29.95
Tranquil Oasis
Quiet, Relaxing
2:10 $29.95
A Place for Love
Mellow, Wistful
2:25 $29.95
Only Happy Memories
Leisurely, Pleasant
1:21 $29.95
Love of a Lifetime
Loving, Expressive
2:31 $29.95
Safe Harbor
Simple, Serene
2:21 $29.95
More than Dreams
Optimistic, Confident
2:21 $29.95