Dramatic Music for Heroes & Spies

Dramatic Music for Heroes & Spies

22 Themes / 22 Tracks

99.00 USD

Dramatic Music for Heroes and Spies (SM303) contains a thrilling selection of 22 full length themes that touch every note from Suspense and Adventure, right through to Fantasy and Melodrama.

Featured instruments include orchestra, flute, piano, harp and trumpet, and some tracks have vocal chorus accompaniment.

The Dramatic Music for Heroes & Spies track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
By the Mountain Pass
Stealthy, Deliberate, Intense
3:14 $29.95
Massive Troop Movement
Dramatic, Menacing, Relentless
2:03 $29.95
Lowland Invasion
Daring, Uncertain, Dangerous
4:56 $29.95
Invisible Forces
Compelling, Unsettled, Courageous
3:02 $29.95
Smoking Gun
Resolute, Serious, Rousing
2:02 $29.95
Night of the Guns
Confrontational, Invincible, Western Drama
1:56 $29.95
Hesitant Heart
Solemn, Brooding, Drained
2:34 $29.95
Hidden Threat
Fearful, Elusive, Creepy
3:07 $29.95
The March of Doom
Treacherous, Severe, Infernal
2:31 $29.95
Restless Soul
Haunting, Suspicious, Unresolved
3:01 $29.95
Look Up
Spacey, Floating, Wistful
2:37 $29.95
Desolate Landscape
Troubled, Apprehensive, Western
2:18 $29.95
Vampires Hunt at Night
Wicked, Sinister, Stormy
2:58 $29.95
Stone Masks
Suspenseful, Ominous, Untamed
2:31 $29.95
Swamp Mists
Foreboding, Dark, Solitary
2:36 $29.95
Feels Like the Wind
Regretful, Poignant, Western
2:48 $29.95
Calm Spirit
Yearning, Bittersweet, Sensitive
2:44 $29.95
Stolen Time
Somber, Resigned, Sighing
1:32 $29.95
Thoughtful, Grave, Desolate
2:33 $29.95
Salute to the Fallen
Longing, Stirring, Uplifting
1:01 $24.95
End of the Story
Proud, Purposeful, Grand
:11 $14.95
Lost Horizon
Enigmatic, Hushed, Mysterious
:16 $14.95