Epic Heroes

Epic Heroes

22 Themes / 22 Tracks

99.00 USD

Epic Heroes (SM081) is a CD that includes 22 full length compositions for heroic moments and heroes on the move. This music is aggressive, bold and brave - and features full orchestration for maximum impact.

The music works equally well to underscore the hero in danger or the hero triumphant.

The Epic Heroes track list provides composer & publisher information for each music track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Wasteland Warrior
Turbulent, Confrontational
3:46 $29.95
Man on the Run
Driven, Desperate
1:28 $29.95
War Council
Punctuated, Solemn
2:30 $29.95
Turning the Tide of War
Brave, Sustained
4:25 $29.95
Darkest of Magic
Primitive, Frenzied
3:36 $29.95
Counting Down to Zero
Pounding, Relentless
3:45 $29.95
Let Loose the Dogs of War
Resounding, Stirring
4:01 $29.95
This Land Is Protected
Heroic, Urgent
3:01 $29.95
Never Admit Defeat
Thunderous, Driven
4:15 $29.95
Run and Hide
Treacherous, Powerful
3:43 $29.95
Eyes in the Back of Your Head
Taut, Foreboding
3:15 $29.95
Holding on Tight
Muscular, Threatening
4:00 $29.95
Across the Roof Tops
Forceful, Running
3:00 $29.95
One Spy Too Many
Dramatic, Dangerous
3:20 $29.95
The Hero Will Fall
Adventurous, Pressing
4:24 $29.95
Unholy Praise
Dark, Intimidating
3:20 $29.95
Keep One Step Ahead
Persistent, Assertive
2:49 $29.95
Battering Ram
Aggressive, Warlike
3:20 $29.95
Dynamite Fuse
Untamed, Stormy
4:14 $29.95
The Undefeated
Triumphant, Ambitious
4:09 $29.95
Force of Action
Tense, Menacing
4:15 $29.95
Battle for the Earth
Dynamic, Ferocious
3:13 $29.95