Epic Movie Music

Epic Movie Music

19 Themes

99.00 USD

Epic Movie Music (SM346) provides the fully orchestrated scores to set the mood. There is dramatic music for adventure, fantasy, science fiction and suspense.

Ambition, confidence and inspiration embodied by the hero - combined with treachery, intimidation and the threat of the villain - for the perfect mix of dramatic music for gaming, programming and film.

The Epic Movie Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Journey to the Stars
Sweeping, Panoramic
3:17 $29.95
Radical Resources
Commanding, Purposeful
2:57 $29.95
Face Off
Watchful, Resounding
1:44 $29.95
Thrilling Escape
Running, Driven
2:41 $29.95
Controlled Panic
Stormy, Treacherous
1:25 $29.95
Leaping into the Darkness
Embattled, Ominous
3:19 $29.95
Fantastic Voyage
Grand, Heroic
1:56 $29.95
A Hero's Tale
Triumphant, Impressive
1:21 $29.95
Voices from Beyond
Anxious, Turbulent
2:13 $29.95
Addicted to Danger
Mysterious, Hypnotic
2:27 $29.95
Close to Defeat
Dangerous, Sinister
2:56 $29.95
Surrounded by Fate
Intimidating, Confrontational
3:07 $29.95
Machinery of War
Perpetual, Invincible
1:26 $29.95
Defending a Way of Life
Strategic, Soaring
2:03 $29.95
Determined Spirit
Serious, Stirring
1:08 $24.95
This Far and No Farther
Defiant, Powerful
2:04 $29.95
Light the Fuse
Threatening, Brave
2:11 $29.95
Traditional Strength
Striving, Victorious
1:38 $29.95
After the Storm
Adventurous, Successful
1:40 $29.95