Hi-Energy Sports Music

Hi-Energy Sports Music

23 Themes / 23 Tracks

99.00 USD

Hi-Energy Sports Music (SM261) features 23 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. 

Action, achievement and adventure are combined with competition, motivation and technology in Hi-Energy Sports Music. The music is moving, victorious, striving, assertive, punctuated, emphatic and impulsive. 

Featured instruments include electric guitar, percussion, orchestra, keyboard, piano, bass and orchestra.

The Hi-Energy Sports Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
See It Through to the End
Moving, Constant, Straightforward
2:54 $29.95
Ultimate Triumph
Adventurous, Victorious, Freewheeling
1:43 $29.95
Strength and Agility
Insistent, Energetic, Striving
1:31 $29.95
Push Through
Agile, Powerful, Assertive
2:04 $29.95
Make a Stand
Edgy, Surging, Robust
2:43 $29.95
Break It Down
Alternating, Resounding, Intimidating
3:08 $29.95
Battle for Supremacy
Explosive, Strident, Powerful
3:23 $29.95
Read the Defence
Pulsing, Relentless, Strategic
2:01 $29.95
Power and Speed
Muscular, Released, Deliberate
2:11 $29.95
Dominate the Backboard
Urgent, Pounding, Unrelenting
3:34 $29.95
Super Quick
Driving, Punctuated, Confrontational
2:12 $29.95
Reaction Time
Turbulent, Throbbing, Tormented
2:38 $29.95
Fully Prepared
Striving, Rousing, Building
3:29 $29.95
Way Too Good
Percolating, Emphatic, Mounting
2:39 $29.95
Come Back for More
Embattled, Running, Stressed
2:10 $29.95
Hours of Hard Work
Hurried, Tumbling, Whirling
3:49 $29.95
Running on Adrenaline
Pulsating, Brisk, Liberated
2:00 $29.95
Can't Get By Me
Boastful, Racing, Impulsive
2:48 $29.95
Finishing First
Authoritative, Commanding, Exhilarating
3:54 $29.95
Active Defense
Daring, Soaring, Climactic
1:42 $29.95
Proud to Represent
Courageous, Triumphant, Elated
3:40 $29.95
Celebrate the Champions
Noble, Heroic, Dignified
1:41 $29.95
Back in the Day
Sincere, Inclusive, Retrospective
2:47 $29.95