Love That Jazz Vibe

Love That Jazz Vibe

20 Themes / 20 Tracks

99.00 USD

Love That Jazz Vibe (SM044) - The Vibe on this CD is combined with Piano and Bass, and sometimes Saxophone, to create a jazz feeling to cool you down or to heat you up. This Jazz CD combines sparkling, effortless, spontaneous and showy compositions with intimate, mellow and sentimental tracks to give you the best of both moods.

The 20 full length themes are generally playful, happy and optimistic with just a tiny tug at the heart strings that can underscore romance.

The Love That Jazz Vibe track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
A Little Something
Skipping, Vibrant, Upbeat
2:17 $29.95
Eazy as a Breeze
Sunny, Contented, Carefree
3:12 $29.95
The Moonlight and You
Animated, Bubbly, Positive
4:30 $29.95
Stroll Around My Heart
Effervescent, Showy, Spontaneous
3:16 $29.95
Join Me in Brazil
Flirtatious, Inviting, Sophisticated
4:14 $29.95
You Know Better Than That
Playful, Infectious, Exuberant
3:34 $29.95
Diamonds and Champagne
Suave, Sparkling, Effortless
4:36 $29.95
Sway With Me a While
Strolling, Delicate, Warm
3:42 $29.95
Custom Cool
Beckoning, Meandering, Intimate
4:19 $29.95
Alone in the Moonlight
Reflective, Smooth, Mellow
4:21 $29.95
Step It Up
Agile, Freewheeling, Zesty
3:17 $29.95
Just Too Happy for Words
Energetic, Running, Saucy
2:08 $29.95
Skipping Stone
Tripping, Teasing, Darting
2:01 $29.95
Jump Jazz Swing
Dazzling, Exhilarating, Unrestrained
2:11 $29.95
Any Day Will Do
Ambling, Contented, Intricate
3:31 $29.95
When You Walked Through That Door
Offbeat, Cheeky, Whimsical
3:20 $29.95
Have You Seen My Girl?
Tinkling, Nimble, Rambling
4:43 $29.95
Love's Reflection
Evocative, Introspective, Open
2:01 $29.95
Remembering Love
Expressive, Sentimental, Pensive
2:56 $29.95
Listen and Learn
Rippling, Tumbling, Changeable
4:03 $29.95