Musical Mayhem for Horror

Musical Mayhem for Horror

23 Themes / 23 Tracks

99.00 USD

Musical Mayhem for Horror (SM076) is an eerie, suspicious and underhanded CD of music for dramatic, suspenseful and terrifying moments. Strings, FX, keyboards, piano and ghostly vocal choruses heighten the mood.

The music can be used to underscore the threat of an evil villain or to amplify the terror of the victim.

The Musical Mayhem for Horror track list provides composer & publisher information for each music track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
He Seemed So Nice
Cautious, Troubled
2:18 $29.95
Pitch Black
Eerie, Strange
3:25 $29.95
Pursued with Intent
Creepy, Looming
2:38 $29.95
Atmospheric Doom
Disturbed, Stalking
3:11 $29.95
Murder on the Mind
Foreboding, Uncertain
3:11 $29.95
Be Very Afraid
Scary, Gloomy
3:10 $29.95
Intensely Evil
Harsh, Haunting
3:08 $29.95
The Devil's Domain
Turbulent, Stormy
3:11 $29.95
Not Quite Normal
Sinister, Stealthy
2:13 $29.95
Countdown to Evil
Tense, Sustained
3:33 $29.95
Bleak Landscape
Terrified, Ominous
2:12 $29.95
One Chromosome Short
Furtive, Unsettling
3:52 $29.95
In the Shadows of the Trees
Sneaky, Mysterious
3:30 $29.95
Creature Comforts
Swirling, Veiled
3:09 $29.95
It Happened on Halloween
Discordant, Screeching
3:20 $29.95
Death and Disaster
Wicked, Infernal
3:13 $29.95
Locked In
Lurking, Oppressive
3:03 $29.95
Twisted Visionary
Uneasy, Suspicious
3:14 $29.95
Imminent Danger
Roiling, Treacherous
3:15 $29.95
Not Every Door But Any Door
Underhanded, Surprising
4:32 $29.95
Take a Stab at It
Raw, Wild
3:15 $29.95
Haunted Footsteps
Suspenseful, Dark
3:17 $29.95
Horror in Waltz Time
Chilling, Menacing
2:18 $29.95