Poetic Piano

Poetic Piano

20 Full Length Tracks

99.00 USD

Poetic Piano (SM348) is a romantic, tender and elegant collection of solo piano music with an easy listening overtone. Some themes are perfect for wedding applications.

The mood of the CD is calm, caressing, effortless and radiant. Each theme is provided as a full mix, full length track only. The music is composed by Manual Ochoa and published by S.I. Publishing.

The Poetic Piano track list provides complete information about the CD including theme title, description, length, filename, composer and publisher data.

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Title / Description Time Price
Windswept Hill Top
Bright, Sunny
2:09 $29.95
Our First Day Together
Reflective, Warm
2:15 $29.95
Fathers and Daughters
Gentle, Soothing
2:19 $29.95
Sometimes I Forget
Light, Effortless
2:01 $29.95
Listening to the Rain
Undulating, Inclusive
2:38 $29.95
Time to Settle Down
Sincere, Unadorned
2:39 $29.95
Living in Harmony
Cascading, Optimistic
1:42 $29.95
Full of Ideas
Lilting, Airy
1:52 $29.95
Anticipating Happiness
Shimmering, Lyric
2:06 $29.95
Cascading Bliss
Flowing, Smooth
2:10 $29.95
Three Quarters of the Time
Mellow, Comforting
1:48 $29.95
A Long and Happy Life
Rippling, Calm
1:51 $29.95
I Was Waiting for You
Caressing, Hopeful
2:46 $29.95
Storybook Romance
Serene, Thoughtful
2:36 $29.95
Swirling Petals
Radiant, Enthusiastic
2:06 $29.95
The Simple Truth
Polished, Meandering
2:54 $29.95
Another Side Of Life
Unwinding, Easy
2:26 $29.95
Marriage Vows
Emotional, Purposeful
1:53 $29.95
Say a Prayer for Me
Heartfelt, Tender
2:23 $29.95
With a Little Style
Friendly, Whimsical
2:15 $29.95