Quiet Dinner for Two

Quiet Dinner for Two

12 Themes / 12 Tracks

99.00 USD

Quiet Dinner for Two (SM070) features beautiful solo piano music to provide the perfect musical background for any intimate, late night dinner. The 12 full length music tracks set the perfect mood for conversation and one more glass of wine.

Calm, sensitive and thoughtful dinner companions sharing their first moments together or reminiscing over many private evenings they have shared in the past - this romantic piano music is perfect either way.

The Quiet Dinner for Two track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
The Miracle of You
Rippling, Meditative
2:05 $29.95
The Candles Are Lit
Caressing, Smooth
2:45 $29.95
Turning Back the Clock
Heartfelt, Bittersweet
2:35 $29.95
Sorry from My Heart
Hushed, Sensitive
2:33 $29.95
Blue of Midnight
Calm, Intimate
2:13 $29.95
Ending with a Kiss
Sentimental, Warm
1:35 $29.95
Christmas Love
Mellow, Hopeful
2:49 $29.95
Painful Memories
Emotional, Resigned
3:24 $29.95
So Much Love
Simple, Tender
2:17 $29.95
When you Come Back to Me
Thoughtful, Caring
2:24 $29.95
I Remember Love
Comforting, Sweet
3:12 $29.95
Time Is Fleeting
Reflective, Quiet
2:43 $29.95