Quietly Dramatic Scores

Quietly Dramatic Scores

19 Themes

99.00 USD

Quietly Dramatic Scores (SM118) is a  CD of dramatic music fills in the quieter side with fear, anxiety, grief and nostalgia. These compositions not only underscore loss and tragedy, but also petrifying suspense and unease.

In addition to the orchestrated tracks, featured instruments include piano, cello, harp, flute and vocal chorus. Moods range from haunting and desolate to reverent and devout.

The Quietly Dramatic Scores track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Shadowy Figures
Haunting, Desolate
1:05 $24.95
Hidden Danger
Treacherous, Menacing
1:30 $29.95
Pursuit of Evil
Stalking, Sinister
1:54 $29.95
Paranoid Fear
Turbulent, Foreboding
3:09 $29.95
Inexplicable Loss
Solemn, Tragic
1:13 $29.95
They Come in the Night
Watchful, Dangerous
1:51 $29.95
Cautious and Confused
Uneasy, Wavering
1:06 $24.95
Peripheral Vision
Anxious, Timid
1:25 $29.95
Who Can I Trust?
Tentative, Uncertain
2:35 $29.95
Espionage Intrigue
Clandestine, Suspenseful
2:16 $29.95
Secret Pursuits
Dark, Hidden
1:33 $29.95
One Step Too Far
Swirling, Eerie
2:12 $29.95
Failing Memory
Reverent, Inspirational
1:54 $29.95
Every Man Stands Alone
Building, Epic
2:18 $29.95
Dedication to the Land
Panoramic, Compelling
2:41 $29.95
Undefeated Spirit
Brave, Honorable
2:55 $29.95
All Good Things
Expressive, Resolved
3:00 $29.95
Forgotten Souls
Delicate, Heartfelt
2:43 $29.95
For the Greater Good
Stirring, Devout
4:09 $29.95