Rossini Classics

Rossini Classics

9 Themes / 9 Tracks

99.00 USD

Rossini Classics (SM323) features 9 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications. The themes feature orchestral and small chamber ensemble instrumentation.

This collection of emotional string sonatas offers music that ranges from charming, breezy and romantic to themes that are anguished, sorrowful and withdrawn.

The Rossini Classics track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
String Sonata No 4 in B Flat Major I
Charming, Optimistic, Breezy, Rossini
2:39 $29.95
String Sonata No 2 in A Major I
Active, Energetic, Airy, Rossini
1:53 $29.95
String Sonata No 1 in G Major
Thoughtful, Reflective, Delicate, Rossini
8:40 $29.95
String Sonata No 3 in C Major, Allegro
Intricate, Polished, Proper, Rossini
6:30 $29.95
String Sonata No 2 in A Major, Allegro
Stately, Cultured, Formal, Rossini
7:14 $29.95
String Sonata No 4 in B Flat Major II
Elegant, Agile, Fluid, Rossini
11:52 $29.95
String Sonata No 1 in G Major
Isolated, Pensive, Resigned, Rossini
4:18 $29.95
String Sonata No 2 in A Major II
Anguished, Lamenting, Desolate, Rossini
3:34 $29.95
String Sonata No 3 in B Flat Major
Longing, Sorrowful, Withdrawn, Rossini
3:51 $29.95