Songs of Serenity

Songs of Serenity

15 Themes / 15 Tracks

99.00 USD

Songs of Serenity (SM053) contains a tranquil selection of 15 full length new age music themes in slow tempo or relaxing variable tempo.

The relaxed, respectful and subdued music could also be used in fantasy and magical applications because of its shimmering, ethereal and hovering nature. Featured instruments include acoustic guitar, piano, flute and keyboards.

The Songs of Serenity track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Edge of Awakening
Fluid, Radiant
4:20 $29.95
Solitary Voice
Peaceful, Reverent
3:11 $29.95
Listen Within
Ethereal, Beckoning
4:29 $29.95
Trickled Thoughts
Introspective, Sparkling
4:37 $29.95
Breath of an Angel
Shimmering, Relaxed
4:57 $29.95
Many Points of Light
Swirling, Twinkling
4:47 $29.95
Washed Ashore
Liquid, Harmonious
3:49 $29.95
Higher Power
Hypnotic, Focused
3:22 $29.95
Release the Soul
Soaring, Enveloping
4:20 $29.95
Whispers of Infinity
Floating, Hushed
4:06 $29.95
Inner Peace
Serene, Soothing
3:56 $29.95
Open Your Mind
Haunting, Sustained
4:14 $29.95
Life Force
Mystical, Inviting
3:54 $29.95
Enigmatic, Hovering
5:14 $29.95
Morning Rain
Reflective, Unwinding
2:49 $29.95