Street Smart Dance Club Music

Street Smart Dance Club Music

25 Themes / 25 Tracks

99.00 USD

Street Smart Dance Club Music (SM048) provides 25 full length dance themes stacked with attitude.

Menacing, brooding and relentless tracks that are suitable for competition, adventure and action; this music crosses the line between strong & proud and moves straight toward defiant & threatening.

Featured instruments include keyboard, bass, percussion, piano and vocals.

The Street Smart Dance track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Round Up Your Money
Demanding, Hypnotic
3:35 $29.95
Cash Me Out
Brooding, Resentful
2:24 $29.95
You Better Recognize
Stalking, Menacing
2:22 $29.95
One Teezie
Simmering, Beckoning
2:39 $29.95
No More Waiting
Sauntering, Impatient
3:33 $29.95
Wangsta Walk
Disdainful, Restless
3:50 $29.95
Alley Bat
Vibrant, Swaggering
3:25 $29.95
Wind Me Up
Spinning, Purposeful
3:12 $29.95
Enticing, Sultry
3:04 $29.95
Bending Corners
Rambling, Constant
3:03 $29.95
Asian Persuasion
Exotic, Pulsating
2:09 $29.95
Chasin' Paper
Funky, Tough
3:13 $29.95
In the Traffic
Punchy, Focused
2:56 $29.95
Relentless, Haunting
2:48 $29.95
Calling the Shots
Commanding, Relentless
2:36 $29.95
Decisive, Emphatic
2:30 $29.95
Spit Game
Brash, Daunting
2:41 $29.95
Edge of the Ledge
Sprightly, Unpredictable
2:28 $29.95
Prowling, Compelling
2:36 $29.95
Livin' Chilly
Intimidating, Self Assured
2:43 $29.95
Neva Been Nuthin
Strutting, Confrontational
2:42 $29.95
Just In Time
Bantering, Punctuated
3:01 $29.95
Walking Tall
Swirling, Assertive
2:11 $29.95
No Middle Ground
Challenging, Insistent
2:32 $29.95
Do Your Squat
Whirling, Dancing
3:40 $29.95