Zen-Like Piano Poems

Zen-Like Piano Poems

13 Themes / 13 Tracks

99.00 USD

Zen-Like Piano Poems (SM373) provides an uncomplicated, free tempo, peaceful selection of new age meditation themes that are introspective, thoughtful and peaceful.

All instrumentation for this CD is solo piano. Each theme is provided as a full length full mix track only. Music is composed by Manuel Ochoa and published by S.I. Publishing.

The Zen-Like Piano Poems track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Time Is a River
Gentle, Pensive
2:28 $29.95
Witness Your Thoughts
Dreamy, Calm
5:13 $29.95
Truth Knocks on the Door
Hushed, Peaceful
4:22 $29.95
Concentrate on the Next Breath
Drifting, Smooth
4:03 $29.95
Let Your Mind Be Free
Meditative, Airy
3:08 $29.95
We Are the Waves and the Ocean
Quiet, Unwinding
3:59 $29.95
Insist on Freedom
Introspective, Sedate
4:13 $29.95
Inventive Mind
Tender, Whispering
3:08 $29.95
Believe in Nothingness
Relaxed, Mellow
3:23 $29.95
Uncomplicated Patterns
Thoughtful, Muted
3:54 $29.95
Find the Truth Where You Are
Shimmering, Melting
4:01 $29.95
Accidental Meeting of Possibilities
Warm, Serene
3:15 $29.95
Motionless Mind
Sustained, Fluid
2:29 $29.95