Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 1

Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 1

21 Urban Ambiences & sound effects.

15.00 USD

This CD features 21 Urban Ambiences & sound effects.  Sounds in this collection include crowds, pedestrians, traffic, schools, playgrounds and more.

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Title / Description Time Price
Crowd, City
Harlem Block Ambience: Close To Distant Reverberated Walla - Young Women, Men, Footsteps. Light Distant Traffic Roar, Brief Car Alarm Medium Close Car By.
2:36 $3.99
Children, City
Two Little Boys Playing On The Street: Yelling Laughing, And Running Around Close To Distant. Medium Car Bys, Brake Squeaks. Mother's Sparse Walla.
2:56 $3.99
Crowd, Pedestrians
Low Angle Crowd Footsteps And Walla In Congested Exterior Walkway. Walla Roar Close To Distant With Cart Roll By, And Small Boy Yells Medium Distant Near End. Sparse Distant Horn Honks Are The Onl
2:54 $3.99
Street, City
City Sidewalk Walla, Medium Perspective Group Of Black Males Hanging Out, Laughing. Traffic Ambience Medium Close To Distant With Busses By Pedestrian Footsteps. Boy Cries At Tail.
3:08 $3.99
Crowd, Pedestrians, City
Male Group Walla With Street Ambience: Blue Collar Workers, Close To Medium Perspective. Background Traffic Ambience: Sparse Honks, Bus Air Brake Hisses, Movement.
2:29 $3.99
Crowd, Pedestrians, Busy
Very Busy Sidewalk Or Open Street With Pedestrian Walla And Footsteps By Close To Medium. Light Traffic, A Few Horn Honks, Medium Perspective Construction Clunks.
2:31 $3.99
Crowd, City
Harlem Block Ambience: Reverberated Walla Close To Distant - Women, Children. Truck By Loud Doors Open And Close, Light Traffic. Teenage Boy Walla, Key Jingles, Plane Overhead At Tail.
2:55 $3.99
Chinatown, City
Chinatown Sidewalk Market Ambience With Close To Distant Walla And Close Plastic Bag Rustle. Cart Rattle, Butcher Chops Fish In Background.
2:54 $3.99
Chinatown, City
Chinatown Sidewalk Walla, Close Woman And Child With Sparse Male Walla Medium. Distant Walla Movement, Traffic, And Short Siren Or Alarm.
2:12 $3.99
Chinatown, City
Chinatown Street, Three Women Close Walla With Busy Medium Perspective Movement, Walla, And Traffic With Sparse Honks.
2:00 $2.99
Chinatown, City
Chinatown Street Walla: Two Men And Three Women Close Chinese Walla With Medium To Distant Traffic Roar And Pedestrian Movement, A Few Distant Horn Honks.
2:05 $3.99
Crowd, City, Traffic
Black Males Street Walla Medium Close, A Few Have Jamaican Accent. Traffic Ambience Light With A Few Close Car Bys, Distant Honks And Plane Overhead At Tail.
2:35 $3.99
Walla, Traffic, City
Jamaican Males Street Walla Medium Perspective. More Active, Excited Walla And Wider Perspective Than Track 1001-12. Traffic Roar Distant With A Few Medium Bys. Some Female And Child Walla Medium.
3:50 $3.99
Crowd, Pedestrians
Sparse Pedestrian Bys - Walla And Footsteps Close On By. Medium Distant Traffic Roar Busy, With Sparse Distant Jack Hammer.
2:32 $3.99
School, Playground
Elementary School Playground Close Perspective With Many Energetic Children Playing: Yells Squeals, Metal Rattles, Ball Kicks, Busy Movement Close To Distant.
3:23 $3.99
Crowd, Playground, City
Wide Perspective Version Of Track 1001-18: Many Children In School Playground. Yells And Metal Playground Equipment Movement. Nearby Bus With Air Brake Hiss.
2:32 $3.99
Crowd, School Playground
School Playground From Interior Closed Window Perspective. Muffled Sounds Of Kids Playing Outside, Plane By.
2:10 $3.99
Basketball, City
City Basketball Game ( Exterior ) Close Perspective With Active Movement, Walla With Some Profanity Ball Bounces, Sneaker Chirps. Distant Busy Traffic With Some Horn Honks.
3:14 $3.99
Basketball, City
City Basketball ( Exterior ): Just A Few Guys Shooting Baskets, Wide Perspective. Ball Bounces And Movement, Walla. Medium Distant Traffic Roar.
3:04 $3.99
Basketball, City
City Basketball ( Exterior ) Game, Wide Angle With Close Spectator Walla: Primarily One Loud Gravelly-voiced Man Yelling Advice. Medium Ball Bounces, Footsteps. Distant Busses By.
3:18 $3.99
Crowd, School
Wide Perspective Exterior High School Ambience With Kids In Hallways: Reverberant Walla, Doors Open And Close, Locker Slams. Not Very Crowded. Distant Traffic Roar, Medium Car By.
1:33 $2.99