Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 10

Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 10

34 Urban & City ambiences.

29.00 USD

This CD features 34 Urban & City ambiences.  Sounds in this collection include grocery stores, laundromats, department stores, restaurants and more.

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Title / Description Time Price
Buzzer, Apartment Door
Apartment Door Buzzer, Close. Interior Small Lobby. Two Buzzes, Open Door During Second. Open And Close Door Clicks.
:13 $2.99
Buzzer, Apartment Door
Apartment Door Buzzer, Medium Close Up. A Few Short Buzzes, Then Buzz And Open Door Twice With Change Of Timbre On Open.
:16 $2.99
Crowd, Hall
Large Bank Or Government Building Interior Next To Service Counter. Close Computer Printer Is Louder Than Track 1010-21. Some Close Walla Man Says Next? To People In Line. Phone Rings Movement,
1:48 $3.99
Store, Grocery
Grocery Store Ambience Near Cashiers: Medium Electronic Register Operation, Receipt Printer Busy Walla Medium Perspective, Metal Clatter Of Shopping Carts. Grocery Handling Includes Bottles.
3:48 $4.99
Store, Grocery
Grocery Store Ambience: Closer Cash Register Than Track 1010-09, With Beeps And Constant Printer. Less Walla And Activity. Grocery Handling, Male P.a. Announcement At Head. Could Also Play For Di
1:27 $3.99
Crowd, Hall
Large Office Or Government Building Interior. Close Computer Printer, Loud Reverberated Walla Medium Distant, Some Sparse Close Dialogue. Sounds Like Many People Waiting For Bureaucratic Service.
3:05 $4.99
Laundromat Ambience: Hum And Whirr Of Washers And Dryers. Medium Walla Light And Sparse, Movement Clunks Of Doors Open And Close, Wind-ups And Wind Downs Of Machines. Insert Coins ( Index 02, 1: 43
3:33 $4.99
Store, Department
Escalator Motor Light Hum And Rattle In Department Store. Medium Perspective Footsteps And Movement, Very Sparse Walla.
1:38 $3.99
Crowd, Convention Center
Huge Interior Empty Building: Convention Center Or Coliseum. Starts With Medium Distant Male Yell, Reverberated, Then Distant Door Open / Close And Footsteps By Close. From: 57 To End Is Huge Room
1:46 $3.99
Crowd, Lobby
Huge Marble Interior Lobby, Corporate Building. Very Reverberated Walla And Footsteps Medium To Distant, Fairly Light, With A Few Close Bys. Keys Jingle And Drop Close, Elevator Bells Distant.
2:38 $4.99
Crowd, Lobby
Huge Marble Interior Lobby, Corporate Building At Rush Hour. Very Reverberated Walla And Footsteps Close To Distant, Busier Than Track 1010-23. Elevator Bells Medium.
2:43 $4.99
Crowd, Lobby, Museum
Huge Marble Interior Lobby, Museum. Busy Walla Roar Distant With Some Close Footsteps By. A Few Phone Rings Medium. Less Echoes, More Homogeneous Than Track 1010-24. No Elevator Bells.
2:29 $4.99
Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall Ambience: Footsteps, Especially Heels By Close. Walla In Large Area But Light Some Close As People Walk By. A Few Electronic Beeps, Phone Rings, And Cash Register Sounds From Stores
2:52 $4.99
Crowd, Museum
Museum Interior, Medium Perspective Art Tour Lecture ( Female ). Distant Walla Roar, Footsteps And Movement Close.
1:59 $3.99
Store, Department, Busy
Large Department Store Ambience, Very Busy. Mostly Female Walla Close To Distant. Some Close Salespeople But Primarily General Walla, Footsteps, Bag Movement. Medium Cash Register, A Few Phone
2:50 $4.99
Store, Department, Busy
Large Department Store Ambience, Very Busy. Mostly Medium To Distant Walla, Less Close Than Track 1010-11. Footsteps By Close, Medium Cash Register Printing And Phone Rings.
2:37 $4.99
Store, Department
Large Department Store Ambience, Not Busy. Medium Distant Walla, Footsteps By, Cash Register Printer, Sparse Phone Rings. Calm Compared To 1010-11, 12.
2:19 $4.99
Store, Department, Medium
Large Department Store Ambience With Medium To Close Salespeople Walla: Female Offering A Makeover, Male Offering A Free Gift, Female Selling Mascara, Female Selling New Shaver. General Busy Walla
3:46 $4.99
Department Store
Small Department Store Ambience, Lighter Than Previous Tracks. Walla And Footsteps Medium A Few Phone Rings, Cash Register Printer. Child Footsteps Run By Close.
:51 $2.99
Walla, Restaurant
Delicatessen Walla: Large Deli Meat Counter With Close To Medium Walla, People Asking For Meat Children Walla, Several P.a. Announcements Calling Out Numbers. Movement, Clunks. Busy. Could Play
2:56 $4.99
Walla, Restaurant
Delicatessen Walla: Large Deli Meat Counter Calling Out Numbers Close. Closer To Checkout Than Track 1010-07: Cash Register Beeps And Movement Medium. Close Walla, Busy.
2:15 $4.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Close Adult Walla In Large Busy Room. Hard Surfaced Live Room, Loud. Background Dish And Silverware Clatter, Cash Register Dings.
2:31 $4.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Small Coffee Shop Medium Busy With Two Close Women Walla, Laughs, And General Male Walla Medium. Silverware And Dish Movement Close To Distant.
2:53 $4.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Coffee Shop, Busier And Wider Than Track 1010-03. Mixed Walla Close To Medium With Loud Dish, Glass, And Silverware Movement And Set Downs. Medium Perspective Cash Register.
1:57 $3.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Small Coffee Shop, Not Busy. Light Medium Walla, Cook Calls Order, Close Waiter Yells, Pick Up! Light Dish And Silver Movement, Close Set Downs. Fairly Heavy Room Tone.
2:43 $4.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Pizza Parlor, Relaxed Medium Walla. Close To Counter Man Italian Walla, Calls Out Pizza Orders And Talks To Customers. Door Open And Close With Squeak, Clunks Of Pizza Oven Cash
2:50 $4.99
Restaurant, Walla
Restaurant Walla: Wide Version Of Track 1010-01. Adult Busy Walla Medium To Distant In Loud Hard Surfaced Room. Busy, With Dish And Glass Clinks And Silverware Rattle Closer Than Previous.
2:40 $4.99
Door, Elevator
Elevator: First 1: 10 Is Waiting For Elevator Ambience: Quiet Clunks, Buzz And Pulley Movement. Then Close Up Doors Open, Step In, Close ( Index 02 @ 1: 10 ). Ride Elevator With Interior Buzz And Qui
3:04 $4.99
Door, Elevator
Elevator: Old-style With Metal Gate. Exterior Point Of View, Close Two Gates With Reverberation. Then Open Gates, Enter, Close Gates And Ride. Open Gates With Metal Clicks.
1:10 $3.99
Door, Elevator
Elevator: Old-style With Metal Chain And Gate. Medium Chain Rattle, Close Up Metal Doors Open And Close, Run, Open and Close. Run, Open and Close. And Exit.
1:02 $3.99
Door, Push Bar
Door Open And Close: Industrial Push-bar Door. Metal Clunks Of Push-bar, Squeak / Groan Of Door. Open and Close 4 Times. Background Reverberation Of Huge Hall, Matches Track 1010-27.
:36 $2.99
Door, Revolving
Revolving Door, Walking Through. Whoosh And Rub Sound With Rubbery Thunks. Steady, Then Single Walk Through At Tail.
:54 $2.99
Arcade Room
Video Arcade Room Ambience: Close Noisy Electronic Game Sounds With Walla Roar, Clunks And Clatter Of Older Machines, Distant Music.
2:55 $4.99
Arcade Room
Video Arcade Room Ambience: Wide Perspective Electronic Game Sounds With Reverberated Walla And Footsteps.
1:45 $3.99