Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 3

Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 3

32 Urban and City sound effects and ambiences.

29.00 USD

This CD features 32 Urban and City sound effects and ambiences.  Sounds in this collection include birds, dogs, bell towers, street musicians, city parks and more.

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Title / Description Time Price
Propeller, Passenger
Prop Plane Medium Distant Overhead, With Wind In Trees And Birds Chirping. In City Park.
:47 $2.99
Birds, City
Pigeons Feeding, Close Group Wing Flutters In City Park. Most Pigeon Activity In First: 50 Of Track, Then Continuation Of Park Ambience: Variety Of Birds Chirp And Squawk, Distant Traffic Roar. D
2:27 $4.99
Dog, Bark
Dogs Bark: Close Medium Size Dog Barks Halfheartedly, Then Is Answered By Similar Dog Medium Distant. Small Car Away At Head, Distant Traffic Drone And Birds Chirp.
:54 $2.99
Dog, Bark
Dog Bark: Close Medium Size Dog. Short Bark With Distant Traffic Roar.
:08 $2.49
Dog, Bark
Dogs Bark: Exterior Group. One Large Dog Close One Medium, And Another Distant With A Few Howls. No Traffic.
:50 $2.99
Dog, Bark
Dogs Bark: Exterior Group, Two Distant Medium Size Steady And One Close And Sparse. Traffic Drone Distant. Ends With Distant Dog Solo.
1:27 $3.99
Horse, City
Single Horse Steady Close On Asphalt. Clear Hoof Definition, Light Creaks Of Saddle. Distant Traffic Roar, Honks, And A Medium Car By. In City Park.
2:42 $4.99
Tower, Bell
Bells: Musical Clock In Park Plays Mary Had A Little Lamb Medium Perspective. Chimes Change Timbre And Modulate As They Repeat. Adults And Children Walla, Footsteps, And Movement Medium.
1:48 $3.99
City Park, Busy
Small City Park, Close Perspective, Very Busy. Walla Close To Medium With Parents And Children Strollers By, Footsteps On Asphalt Path. Kids Yell And Play. Could Play For Zoo, Family Amusement
2:59 $4.99
Footsteps, City
Joggers By On Asphalt Medium Close, Some Walla Key Jingle On Bys. Mostly Singles. Wind In Trees, Distant Traffic Roar, Truck Rev.
1:41 $3.99
Footsteps, City
Joggers By Right To Left Close On Dirt Or Track. Singles And Small Groups. Some With Keys Jingling Or Walla On By. Distant Traffic Roar, Wind In Trees.
2:53 $4.99
Crowd, City Park
Balloon Vendor In Park, Close. Not Much Vendor Walla, Mostly Percussive Sound Of Shaking The Balloons, Not Continuous. Parents And Children Walla And Footsteps Close To Medium, Birds Chirp.
2:55 $4.99
City Park, Busy
Wide Perspective Version Of Track 1003-01. Small City Park, Very Busy. Walla Close To Distant With Children Playing, Mothers Rounding Up Their Kids. Could Play For Large Playground, Or Family Am
3:08 $4.99
Street Lamp
Street Lamp Buzz, Loud Midrange, Close. Distant Traffic Drone. A Few Birds Chirp.
1:36 $3.99
Fireworks: Sparse Compared To Track 1003-25. Firecrackers, Whistlers, Rockets Launch And Big Booms From Various Places Close To Very Distant. Echo And Reverberation From Tall Buildings, Lots Of
4:18 $4.99
Fireworks: Almost Constant Close Fire Crackers Explode, Multiples. Some Medium To Distant Whistlers And Firecrackers With Bouncy Reverberation From Tall Buildings. Sparse Medium Yells. Recorded D
1:32 $3.99
Music, City
Street Musician: Close Saxophonist Improvises On Subway Platform. Train Medium Air Brake Hiss And Away. Walla And Footsteps Close To Medium Interior Reverb.
:56 $2.99
Music, City
Street Musician Plays Homemade Drum Set: Conga Drums, Cymbal, And Midway Through Track He Uses A Garbage Can Lid. Interior Reverberation With Walla Medium To Distant. At 2: 00 Move From Close To
3:20 $4.99
Music, City
Street Musicians: One Playing An African Gourd Shaker And Another Playing A Wood Flute, Close. A Few Pedestrians By With Medium Walla. Distant Traffic Roar, Bus By Medium.
1:41 $3.99
Lake, City
Lake Ambience In A City Park. Close Rowboat Paddles By With Oar Clunks And Splashes, Male Walla. Wind In Trees, Leaf Rustle, Distant Traffic Roar And Honks.
2:40 $4.99
Park, City
Large City Park Ambience, Close Perspective. Sparse Walla And Footsteps Close To Medium. Near Pathway, Bicycles By Close. Distant Children Play, Baby Squeals, Radio Music. Distant Traffic Roar
1:25 $3.99
Park, City
Large City Park Ambience, Wide Perspective. Large Open Space. Distant Siren At Head, Distant Traffic Roar, Some Honks, Birds Chirp. Walla Sparse Medium To Distant, Kids Play, Baby Cry Man Whistle
2:58 $4.99
Park, City
Large City Park Ambience, Wide Perspective. Similar To Track 1003-04 But With Steady Prop Plane Medium Distant Overhead. Walla Medium Distant Kids Play, Ball Bounces, Yells. Light Wind Distant T
2:49 $4.99
Wind, Traffic, City
Wind In Trees, High Leaf Rustle, With Birds Chirping Medium. Sparse Light Walla Medium. Distant Traffic Roar, A Few Honks. In City Park.
2:07 $4.99
Traffic, Morning
Street Ambience, Quiet Morning. Distant Traffic Drone. Large Newspaper Hits The Street Medium Perspective. Single Garbage Bag With Bottles Set Down. Screen Door Squeak Open And Close, Also Medium
:23 $2.99
Bicycles, City
Bicycles By Close With Bicycle Brake Squeak At Tail. Sparse Boy Walla On Bys, Distant Traffic Roar.
:39 $2.99
Bicycle, Traffic
Single Bicycle By With Man Singing As He Rides By. Traffic Ambience Medium.
:11 $2.99
Horse, Buggy
Horse And Buggy In And By, Then Horse By In City Park. Close Hoof Clip Clops On Asphalt Chain Rattle, And Slight Squeak Of Buggy Wheels. Second Horse Away. Close Birds Chirp, Distant Traffic Roar
:55 $2.99
Horse, Buggy
Single Horse And Buggy Long In, By Close And Long Away. Hoof Clip Clops On Asphalt, Light Squeak And Rattle, Some Walla On By. Wind In Trees Distant Traffic Roar.
1:15 $3.99
Fountian, Park
Fountain In Park - Same As Track 1003-06 - Medium Perspective. Constant Water Rush With Fine Water Spray. Some Very Light Walla And Movement That Is Covered By The Sound Of The Fountain.
2:51 $4.99
Fountian, Park
Fountain In Park, Very Close Perspective. Constant Water Rush: High End Noise With Lower Gurgles. No Background Sounds.
2:41 $4.99
Fountian, Park
Fountain In Park, Wide Perspective. Constant Water Rush With Some Splashes And Gurgles. Kids Play And Run By. Sparse Adult Walla Close To Medium.
1:59 $3.99