Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 9

Cititrax Sound Effects Volume 9

37 Urban & City ambiences.

39.00 USD

This CD features 37 Urban & City ambiences.  Sounds in this collection include helicopters, airports, boats, jack hammers, harbors, rain and more.

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Title / Description Time Price
Helicopter Long In From Distant Towards Mic, By Close Overhead, And Away. Low End Blade Definition And Slight Doppler On By.
1:04 $3.99
Helicopter In And By Distant With Swirling Reflected Sound.
1:13 $3.99
Helicopter In And By Overhead, Medium Perspective With Distant City Ambience. Less Definition Than Track 12.
:37 $2.99
Helicopter Start And Idle Close. Ascending Whine With High Pitch, Some Light Walla And Movement Medium. Low End Blade Definition As Helicopter Reaches Speed.
3:02 $4.99
Bus Station
Large Bus Station Interior. Mostly Distant Walla And Movement, Some Close, Reverberated. Close Janitor Bucket Movement, Emptying Vending Machine Some Electronic Beeps And Phone Rings Distant.
2:48 $4.99
Airport, Ambience
Airport Interior Near Ticket Counter. Large Interior Space Reverberation With Busy Walla And Footsteps Close To Distant, Phone Rings Medium Printer Or Cash Register Medium. ( No P.a. Announcements.
2:30 $4.99
Airport, Ambience
Airport Interior With P.a. Announcements And Pages, Male And Female. Walla And Footsteps Close To Distant ( Predominantly Distant ), Large Interior Reverberation. Luggage Movement, Distant Phone Rings
3:11 $4.99
Boat, Ferry
Ferry Preparing To Leave Close Perspective With Vendor. Walla Of Workers And Passengers, Kids. Close Ferry Idle. Clunks Of Wood And Metal, Pulley For Ramp. Close Souvenir Vendor, Dollar
3:05 $4.99
Horn, Boat, Ferry
Ferry Horn Blast, Medium Close. Preparing To Depart: Metal Clunks, Chain Movement, Light Walla.
:38 $2.99
Horn, Ferry
Very Close Boat Horn, Three Blasts. Ferry Horn.
:20 $2.99
Boat, Horn
Boat Air Horn Blasts Medium Perspective. Three Short Low Double-pitched Honks With Slap back Echo.
:09 $2.49
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer, Close Perspective With City Reverberation. Traffic With Honks Medium Distant.
1:17 $3.99
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer, Interior Closed Window Point Of View Medium Distant. Long Steady With A Few Short Bursts.
2:12 $4.99
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer, Medium Distant Perspective With Bouncy, Slightly Confined Sound Like Around A Corner Or Interior Open Window Point Of View. With Medium Distant Honks And Truck Rev.
:55 $2.99
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer, Medium Perspective With City Reverberation. Traffic With A Few Honks Medium Distant. Steady Jack Hammer With Only Very Short Pauses.
3:06 $4.99
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer, Medium Perspective On A Bridge Above With Deeper Knocking Vibrations Than Tracks 100901, 02, And 03. Almost Constant Hammering.
1:44 $3.99
Construction, Light
Light Construction, Distant: Busy Hammering Power Saw, Wood Movement, And Sparse Walla. Medium Distant Traffic Drone With A Few Horn Honks. Big Truck In, Stop With Air Brakes, Idle And Away,
3:32 $4.99
Construction, Light
Light Construction, Interior Closed Window Point Of View From Tenth Floor. Gas Saw, Hammering Wood Clunks. Big Truck Revs, Idles And Brake Squeaks. Starts With Busy Activity Then Calms Down.
2:14 $4.99
Pile Driver
Pile Driver Close With Slap back Echo Off Tall Buildings. Natural Start And Stop Of Machine. Hydraulic Hiss And Impact With Each Stroke.
1:53 $3.99
Pile Driver
Pile Driver Wide Perspective, Medium Distant. Slap back Echo Reflects Off Buildings, Primarily In Right Channel. Natural Stop At Tail. Construction Trucks Idle In Background.
1:31 $3.99
Industry, Ambience
Industrial Ambience, Interior. Deeper Roar And Hum, Wider Perspective Than Track 1009-30. Matched Loop: Connect Tail To Head For Perfect Loop Point.
1:06 $3.99
Industry, Ambience
Industrial Ambience, Interior Or Exterior. Loud Airy Roar With Hum. Matched Loop: Connect Tail To Head For Perfect Loop Point.
:35 $2.99
Vendor, Hallway
Vendor In Hallway At Stadium Event, Ice Cold Beer, Hot Pretzels! Large Interior With Reverberated Male P.a. Page At Head, Walla And Footsteps Close To Distant Roar, Busy. Clunks Of Vendor's Do
2:34 $4.99
Vendor, Hallway
Vendor In Hallway Medium Perspective At Stadium Event, ...three Dollars... More Reverberation Than Track 1009-36. Walla And Footsteps Medium To Distant, Music Distant. Not Very Crowded. Could
:57 $2.99
Harbor, Ambience
Harbor Ambience: Boat By, Smaller Boat Than Track 24. Medium Perspective Pulsing Engine Roar With Water Slap And Churn. Could Play For Lake - No Sea Gulls.
:53 $2.99
Harbor, Ambience
Harbor Ambience: Deep, Humming Engine Roar Of Medium-large Boat, Medium Distant. Sparse Nearby Sea Gulls, Footsteps.
1:44 $3.99
Harbor, Ambience
Harbor Ambience: Water Lap Medium Perspective Ferry In From Distant To Dock Close. Deep Engine Revs As Ferry Maneuvers To Dock, Then Idle. Bow Wash On Approach.
3:22 $4.99
Harbor, Ambience
Harbor Ambience: Water Lap On Rocks Close, Gentle Surf Medium Perspective. Distant Roar Of Plane City Ambience.
1:03 $3.99
Harbour, Ambience, Industry
Harbor: Industrial Dock Ambience, Quiet. Distant Industrial Roar, Ship Engine, Horn. Medium Perspective Boat Whistles, Four Times Throughout. ( Index 02 @ 1: 05 Is Closest Whistle. ) Big Low Picture
2:50 $4.99
Harbor, Ambience
Harbor Ambience: Distant Fog Horn With Ring-off. Quiet Wind.
1:14 $3.99
Chain Saw Medium Perspective At Construction Site, With Engine Idle Noise Nearby.
:26 $2.99
Rain, Traffic
Close Rain Drops On Metal Air Conditioner Outside Window. Loud Metal Splats And Water Dribbles. Distant Wet Traffic In Street Below.
2:52 $4.99
Industry, Ambience
Industrial Ambience, Interior. Airy Hum With Distant Metal Movement, Light Clicks. Quieter Than Tracks 1009-30, 31. Could Play For Interior Train Idle.
2:36 $4.99
Boat, Bow Wash
Close Bow Wash: Constant Water Rush Of Large Boat Or Ferry Through The Water. Splashes, Gurgles.
1:56 $3.99
Water, Flow
Water Flowing Into Water With Drips And Splashes. Could Be Rain Gutter Overflow. Some Reverb, Between Buildings.
:30 $2.99
Thunderstorm, City
Thunderstorm, Exterior. Thunder Rolls Medium To Distant With Close Rain On Pavement, Increasingly Hard. A Few Very Distant Car Honks.
3:30 $4.99
Wind, Window
Whistling Wind Through Open Window. Quiet Wind Loudest Section Is At 1: 00. Some Very Distant Traffic Ambience.
1:48 $3.99