English & Foreign Crowd Sounds

English & Foreign Crowd Sounds

50 English & Foreign Crowd Sounds.

49.00 USD

This CD features 50 English & Foreign Crowd Sounds.  Sounds in this collection include laughter, cheering, applause, boxing audiences, restaurants, parties and mroe.

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Title / Description Time Price
Crowd, Sing
African Natives Singing / Chanting.
:58 $2.99
Crowd, Female, Laugh
American Female Chatter And Laughter.
:53 $2.99
Crowd, Male, Walla
American Males Chatter.
1:05 $3.99
Crowd, Applause, Cheer
Audience Applause, Cheers, And Whistles.
:41 $2.99
Crowd, Party, Walla
Barbecue Atmosphere.
:44 $2.99
Crowd, Sports, Walla
Boxing Crowd Buzz .
1:03 $3.99
Crowd, Sports, Walla
Crowd Chatter Before Or Between Rounds.
:42 $2.99
Crowd, Sports, Cheer
Boxing Crowd Whistles, Cheers And Shouts.
:40 $2.99
Crowd, Sports, Cheer
Boxing Crowd Cheers And Whistles As Boxer Enters Ring.
:31 $2.99
Crowd, Sports, Cheer
Boxing Crowd Cheers, Whistles And Applause With Die Away.
:39 $2.99
Crowd, Theater, Walla
Busy Crowd Chatter In Theater Foyer.
1:03 $3.99
Crowd, Male, Riot
Crowd Of Angry Men Breaking Into A Building.
1:11 $3.99
Crowd, Large, Walla
Large Interior Busy Crowd Buzz.
1:46 $3.99
Crowd, Arabic, Walla
Exterior Seething Large Arab Crowd.
2:28 $4.99
Crowd, Arabic, Riot
Exterior Arabic Crowd Rioting.
1:43 $3.99
Crowd, Arabic, Chant
Exterior Arab Crowd Chanting.
1:19 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
Exterior Mixed Crowd Chatter.
1:15 $3.99
Crowd, Iranian, Walla
Exterior Iranian Crowd Chatters And Claps With Some Trilling And Chatter.
2:04 $4.99
Crowd, Boo, Riot
Exterior Large Crowd Booing And Becoming Hostile, Then Dies Down To Murmur.
:38 $2.99
Crowd, Afghan, Walla
Afghan Men Interior Busy Chatter With Occasional Short Lapses Of Silence, Then Laughter Towards End.
1:19 $3.99
Crowd, German, Theater
German Crowd Quietly Taking Seats In Theater.
1:41 $3.99
Crowd, Male, Yell
Group Of Men Shouting
:28 $2.99
Crowd, Sports, Walla
Interior Boxing Crowd Chatter And Moves With Echo.
1:45 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
Interior Mobile American Crowd Chatter.
1:53 $3.99
Crowd, Laugh
Interior Crowd Giggling
:21 $2.99
Crowd, Walla
Interior Mixed American Crowd Chatter.
1:16 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
Interior Busy Crowd Chatter And Moves.
1:17 $3.99
Crowd, Applause
Interior Crowd Applause.
1:23 $3.99
Crowd, Arabic, Walla
Interior Group Of Arabic Men Low Murmuring, Lapsing Into Whispers.
1:14 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
Interior Mixed Crowd Chatter And Moves.
:59 $2.99
Crowd, Party
Interior Mixed Party Buzz With Occasional Single Laughter.
1:07 $3.99
Crowd, Reaction
Interior Gun Shot With A Short Crowd Reaction Panic.
:07 $2.49
Crowd, Walla
Interior Mixed American Crowd Happy Chatter.
1:07 $3.99
Crowd, Walla, Cheer
Interior Large Crowd Murmurs Then Whistles, Cheers, And Applause.
1:25 $3.99
Crowd, Walla, Cheer
Interior Large Crowd Murmurs, Then Cheers And Whistles, And Finally Eventually Dies Down To Earnest Chatter.
1:55 $3.99
Crowd, Chinese, Walla
Interior Large Chinese Crowd Chatter.
1:29 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
Interior Mixed Chatter.
1:23 $3.99
Crowd, Female, Walla
Interior Small Group Of Italian Women Chatters With A Few Light Screams & Sobbing.
1:16 $3.99
Crowd, Female, Cry
Interior Small Group Of Italian Women Sobbing, Cries And Screams.
1:09 $3.99
Crowd, Female, Cry
Interior Small Group Of Italian Women With Cries And Screams.
1:31 $3.99
Crowd, Walla
American Mixed Happy Chatter.
1:31 $3.99
Crowd, Female, Walla
Italian And American Women Chatter.
:38 $2.99
Crowd, Jewish, Pray
Morning Prayer ( Jewish ). One Man In Close Shot With Sparrow Twitter In Background.
1:24 $3.99
Restaurant, China
Large Chinese Restaurant Buzz. Maxims Hong Kong.
1:06 $3.99
Crowd, Male, Applause, Cheer
Camp Concert. Male Audience Applause & Cheers. Prisoners Of War.
:35 $2.99
Announcement, Russian Female
Russian Female Station Announcements. Not Loudspeaker.
1:03 $3.99
Crowd, Arabic, Chant
Small Group Of Arabic Men Up And Past Chanting
:44 $2.99
Market, Spanish, Crowd
Spanish Fish Auction Atmosphere With Auctioneers Voice Over P. A.
1:12 $3.99
Crowd, Stadium, Walla
Stadium Crowd Buzz.
3:14 $4.99
Crowd, Theater, Walla
Theater Crowd Buzz.
:43 $2.99