The Sounds of Alcatraz

The Sounds of Alcatraz

23 Sounds from Alcatraz

59.00 USD

The Sounds of Alcatraz is a recreation of prison life on The Rock mixed by the Sound Ideas Recording Engineers. They combined onsite recordings with their own library effects to create the illusion of historical sounds from this unique location. Provided as a 23 track compilation.

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Title / Description Time Price
Safety Dill Siren
Guard Tower Sounding An Air Raid Style Siren During Routine Safety Drill
:22 $2.99
Air Raid Siren
Alcatraz Air Raid Siren Sounding For An Attempted Prison Break
:43 $2.99
Prison Riot
Inmate Riot Breaks Out In A-Block With Emergency Sirens In Background
1:13 $3.99
Prison Riot
Angry Inmates Riot In Time Square Corridor
1:22 $3.99
Prisoners Yelling
Disgruntled Prisoners Yelling In Treatment Block D
:19 $2.99
Alcatraz Prison Crowd
Prison Crowd Jeering At New Inmate As He Arrives On Broadway
:28 $2.99
Alcatraz Prison Yard Fight
Alcatraz Recreation Yard Fight Ambience
:38 $2.99
Alcatraz Mess Hall Riot
Violent Riot In The Alcatraz Mess Hall
1:14 $3.99
Flare Gun
Flare Gun Fired From West Road Guard Tower
:21 $2.99
Pistol Range
Alcatraz Guard Entering Clip and Firing Pistol At Range
:16 $2.99
Radio Communications
Guard Tower Radio Communications Transmissions
:13 $2.99
Jail Cell Doors
Two Jail Cell Doors Slide Open and Close In B-Block Second Tier
:11 $2.99
Cell Block Door
Treatment Block Cell Door Unlocked, Opened and Then Closed
:13 $2.99
Cell Block Door
Various Cellblock D Cell Doors Open and Close
:45 $2.99
Baton on Cell Door
Prison Guard Rattles Baton On Jail Cell Bars Near Park Avenue
:09 $2.49
Handcuffs Fastened Quickly and Then Removed From Wrist
:12 $2.99
Ferry Prison Transport
New Prisoners Headed To Alcatraz Wharf On A Transfer Ferry
:58 $2.99
Alcatraz Heavy Waves
Heavy Waves Coming In On The North Shore
2:51 $4.99
Alcatraz Dock Ambience
Main Dock Ambience On South Side Of Island
1:08 $3.99
Alcatraz Lighthouse
Ambience Near The Alcatraz Island Lighthouse With Many Seagulls
1:28 $3.99
Alcatraz Waves
Ocean Waves Lapping On Eastern Shore Near The Agave Trail
2:22 $4.99
Alcatraz Waves
Waves Crashing On Rocks North Of East Road
2:51 $4.99
Alcatraz Waves
Heavy Spray From Waves North Of The Officers Club
2:51 $4.99